Tuesday, December 11, 2018

With progress comes change.

Chief Wisnowski and the volunteers of Moyers Corners Fire Department are proud to announce the arrival of the new "Engine 32."

Thousands of man-hours over several years were spent researching, planning and designing this vehicle, which will replace two vehicles in our fleet. Engine 32 was built to operate as a Rescue/Engine, having capabilities for both structural firefighting as well as a full complement of tools for rescue operations.

Replacing Rescue 3 with a rescue engine is a radical change for us, and in some ways marks the end of an era for Moyers Corners. However, it should be pointed out this will not limit our ability. Detailed analysis of our calls, vehicles, and staffing over the past decade has actually shown the contrary.

Engine 32 will allow for more efficient responses to many types of emergencies, while still providing the same level of exceptional service our community has come to expect. It also will reduce our fleet cost over the long run, which helps keep our financial commitment to the taxpayer.

In short, it’s a win-win for everyone.

MCFD would like to thank our volunteers for the countless hours spent towards the research, design and creation of this vehicle. We’re excited to have it here serving our community.

To view the vehicle's introductory video, click here!

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